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Pet Scooper is a very professional and dependable company. Our lawn always looks great!

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Pet Waste Cleanup Service

Pet Scooper provides complete cleanup and removal of pet waste from residential, commercial and community properties.

We understand the unsightly and smelly part of pet ownership.  Having to deal with pet waste is what every pet owner least likes to do.  Pet Scooper brings to Hutchinson a premiere service in dealing with the burden of pet waste management.

You can choose from a variety of regularly scheduled cleanups at affordable rates.  This is a year round service making your life a little easier "one pile at a time."

Pet waste can be the greatest source of potential health risk for your pet(s) and your family. Animals smell it, roll in it, even ingest it.  Animal feces are common sources of Parvovirus, Whipworm, Hookworm, Roundworm, Giardia, and Coccidia.

The best ways to prevent pet waste diseases and bacterial infections is to remove feces at least weekly and keep your animals current on vaccinations


         Association of Animal Waste Specialists

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